EBay Finally Ceases Deprecated Shopping API Calls

Developers and affiliates who use eBay’s Shopping API were officially notified of the deprecation of certain “finding” calls back in 2011. The original time frame was extended to give partners more time to adapt, but the time has finally come to migrate to the latest API.

Last month, eBay sent out reminders about the deprecation to users of its API. With no guarantee that they could be relied upon beyond Jan. 31, the calls would cease to Function from Feb. 28. There are always some developers who delay migration to the latest API, but now they will be forced to act.

The finding calls being deprecated refer to item-retrieval functionality only. They include FindItems, FindItemsAdvanced and FindProducts. Now, rather than the FindProducts call, eBay is encouraging users to migrate to the Finding API and use the FindItemsByProduct call instead. This call uses specific eBay product values to search for items within the site.

The popularity of eBay means its API is used widely for attracting online shoppers, so it makes sense for affiliates to keep up to date with the status of the API. As explained to members of eBay’s affiliate program, "the Shopping API is built on one of our legacy systems and as such, publishers should expect that further calls may be deprecated in the future."

To assist with migration, eBay released a Migration Guide. For further help, developers are encouraged to contact the eBay developer team.

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