eBay Launches New APIs as Its Developer Program Turns 20 Years Old

eBay recently released new APIs: the Feed API and the Deal API. The Feed API allows sellers to download order reports and acknowledge fulfilled orders. To do this, sellers upload input files and download reports, both as output files. Both types of files are processed asynchronously.

Users can gain view additional customer service metrics and feeds them through the merchant integration platform. In the future, large merchant services will be supported. Later in 2020, sellers will be able to schedule reports and feed tasks

The feed API currently includes two resources: order_task and task. Order_task allows sellers to create an order download task that includes filter criteria related to order and retrieve the status and details of a specific order task of group of order tasks. Tasks allow users to upload or download a task without such filter criteria. The next Resource eBay anticipates adding to the API is the customer_service_metric_task which will allow sellers to create customer service related metric tasks and download such information.

eBay was one of the first companies to publish public-facing APIs. Its developer program is now twenty years old, and it continues to innovate and drive the API economy forward. For more information on the Feed API, visit the API docs. For a broader update on eBay's broader API portfolio, read its 20-year anniversary post.

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