eBay Launches Selling Manager Applications Beta

Today eBay is officially launching the beta of their new eBay Selling Manager Applications. This will let third party developers directly embed their applications at My eBay where 270,000 professional sellers manage their online business. In addition, eBay has announced that this summer they will be making Selling Manager, which had been a subscription service, free of charge. The combination of these two announcements means that developers using the eBay API will have much better and broader access to a very large marketplace of potential app customers.


The eBay Selling Manager Applications beta is a result of the pilot launched last June. Developers on eBay's platform provide sellers with tools to help them manage a wide range of important ecommerce tasks including shipping, accounting, customer relationship management, market research, and inventory management. For example, UPS is using this to directly integrate their WorldShip software into the eBay seller platform.

In order to get listed on the marketplace, dev

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