eBay Serves 5 Billion API Calls Each Month

The first of the Web 2.0 APIs came from eBay back in November 2000 and they've come a long way in the 7 years since then. Our eBay API Profile is one of the most frequently visited on ProgrammableWeb. As you can see in this recent post from the eBay Developer's Blog comes some interesting metrics:

  • Over 60,000 developers have registered as members of the eBay Developers Program, with 20,000 new members in the past year
  • Nearly 10,000 live applications – an increase of 17% in just the last quarter
  • 60% of all eBay listings are listed through eBay services, of which about half come though 3rd parties
  • Over 5.7 billion API calls are made every month

And currently the most popular mashup listing on ProgrammableWeb uses the eBay API, the Wii Seeker mashup which finds retail addresses, locations, shipment dates, and local eBay auctions for the Nintendo Wii.

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