EBay Sets Deadline for Deprecated Shopping API Calls

Developers and partners who utilize eBay’s Shopping API recently received a reminder that certain calls within the API will cease to function February 28th. While the end of February was tagged as the hard stop, eBay mentioned that returns to such calls will not be guaranteed after January 31st. The deprecated calls include FindItems, FindItemsAdvanced, and FindProducts. The calls were officially deprecated in 2011, but eBay has kept the calls alive for years after the original announcement to allow partners to adjust. 

EBay explained that the Shopping API was built on legacy infrastructure, and developers should expect additional calls to deprecate in the future. EBay suggests that developers consider more current eBay APIs for integration. For instance, the Finding API serves the same purpose as the FindProducts call within the eBay Shopping API. EBay has provided a migration guide for those interested in making such a transition. 

For a full list of eBay APIs and their respective features, visit the API Features Comparison site. The comparison includes both current and deprecated eBay APIs. Accordingly, make sure to read the API docs, follow the developers blog, and get familiar with eBay’s versioning strategy. Developers in need of migration assistance or with questions are encouraged to reach out to the eBay developer team.  

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