eBay Woos Developers With New and Updated APIs

In its effort to "deliver a developer-centric Platform", eBay today announced that it is making its image recognition technology available to developers through an Image Search API.

The API gives developers the ability to implement image search functionality into their apps, which they can use to build experiences similar to the drag-and-drop visual shopping and Find It On eBay experiences eBay has built into apps of its own.

Already, eBay says deals site Wikibuy has integrated the API so that its users can search via image instead of text.

In addition to the launch of its Image Search API, eBay also announced the availability of other new APIs, including a machine translation API that allows developers to access eBay’s English-to-Mandarin machine translation and a Feed platform for Buy APIs that allows authorized developers to synchronize and store eBay listings on their sites.

Finally, eBay has made updates to a number of its APIs, including its Inventory, Trading and Fulfillment APIs.

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