EBU Opens API Access to Quality Control Tests

EBU, a broadcasting industry tech and innovation association, announced free API access to its Quality Control Tests database. The API programmatically connects applications to the databases listed at EBU.IO/QC. EBU anticipates that users will use the API to pull quality control data directly into third party systems and presentations including quality control software, delivery specifications and training material. All test data provided through the API data is done so under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

"The Tests published on EBU.IO/QC were always freely available, but until last month users had to go through the website or use the XML export functions of EBU.IO/QC," EBU project leader, Frans de Jong, explained in a press release. "The API support was added at the request and with the help of industry users and now allows users to easily obtain the latest QC definitions from within their applications."

The database contains over 240 published quality control tests. Parameters surrounding the tests include detailed definition, description, input and output parameters, default values, examples, and more. Developers can also pull the image associated with a specific test. Users can request an overview of all available tests, specific tests, or specific versions of a test. For more specific information, visit the API docs.

EBU built the API at the request and with the assistance of the industry association members. The association encourages developers to provide feedback as the project progresses. Users can engage with other users on the project forum.

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