Edamam Adds to its Suite of Nutrition APIs

Edamam has added to its nutrition and diet API portfolio with its new Food Database API. The API provides access to data on common foods purchased in stores, ordered in restaurants or cooked at home. It was designed for use by developers working on apps and services in diet management, weight loss, health and wellness.

"Our goal is to have a very affordable source of accurate nutrition data to help developers and companies build apps and services that help people eat better," Victor Penev, Edaman founder and CEO, commented in a press release.

Penev explained that the Food Database API was developed after continued strong interest in basic nutrition information. The Food Database adds to Edaman's existing API portfolio which includes recipe searchdiet recommendations, and nutrition analysis. The API is free for developers and pre-revenue startups. Pricing for all others can be found here.

The API uses natural language processing to extract food entities from unstructured text. Users can search for food by keyword, food name or UPC/barcode. Nutrition facts available include macronutrients, micronutrients, allergen labels, lifestyle and health labels. Nutrient searches can be performed for 28 nutrients. Finally, users can search for food by a specific brand. To learn more, check out the API docs.

The world continues to show more and more interest in where food comes from and what's in that food. The burgeoning number of apps and services in nutrition and diet reiterate this point. Edamam, through its diet and nutrition suite of APIs, sits in a good position to empower developers in diet and nutrition.

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