Edamam Provides Update on Its Nutrition Data APIs

Edamam, a provider of food and nutrition data solutions to businesses in the food, health and wellness sectors reached a new milestone of 40,000 API subscribers. Edamam’s nutrition data APIs allow developers and companies to build applications that leverage Edamam’s capabilities in real-time Nutrition Analysis and Personalized Meal Recommendations, as well as to query one of the most comprehensive food nutrition databases.

“We see businesses subscribing to Edamam’s APIs at an accelerating pace,” commented Victor Penev, Edamam’s CEO and Founder. “It took us 4 years to get to 10,000 subscribers, one more year to get to 20,000, 9 months for the next 10,000 and only 6 months to reach 40,000,” added Victor Penev.

Edamam’s APIs leverage the industry’s largest and deepest dataset of meal nutrition information. With over 5 million recipes and 750,000 foods, including packaged foods, restaurants menu items and commonly eaten meals, Edamam’s database has an unparalleled breadth. Each recipe, meal and food is analyzed and tagged for every macro and micronutrient, every lifestyle diet, every allergen and almost 200 chronic conditions.

“We are constantly expanding our capabilities and recently added automatic tagging for meal type, dish type and cuisine and are have started work on genotype tagging of foods and meals with lots more to come,” elaborated Victor Penev.

Edamam’s extensive data is coupled with unique technologies such as real-time nutrition analysis using natural language understanding and a personalized meal search engine. The combination makes it very easy for developers to start building consumer facing applications that help people track food and make better food choices.

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