Edamam Releases Nutrition API to Developers to Create Enhanced Food and Recipe Apps

Edamam, a company committed to helping people eat better by using technology to capture, organize and distill "the world's food knowledge," announced at NY Tech Day the release of the Edamam Nutrition API so that third-party developers can use the Edamam Platform to create innovative food and recipe applications.

Edamam API

Image Credit: Edamam

Using a proprietary semantic intelligence technology, the Edamam Platform analyzes any free text recipe or ingredient list submitted and then generates a full nutritional profile in real time. The auto generated nutritional profile includes food and recipe information such as calorie content, health and diet information, and diet tags (gluten-free, low sodium, vegan, etc).

The Edamam Nutrition API makes it possible for developers to create innovative third-party food and recipe applications that would be beneficial for restaurants, catering companies, chefs and many other food related industries and occupations.

Victor Penev, CEO of Edamam, states in the press release that:

"Our goal is to help consumers make smarter choices about food, and we think the most effective way to achieve that goal is to provide them with as much data as possible. One company can do only so much, so we are opening our API in the hope that the developer community will find a number of meaningful ways to provide useful nutritional information to everyone who needs it."

There is a free and commercial version of the API. The free version can not be used for commercial purposes and attribution is required (Powered by Edamam link). The free version of the Edamam Nutrition API includes the following features:

  • Calorie content per serving for the submitted recipe.
  • If number of servings not specified, calorie content per serving will be calculated automatically.
  • Automatically assigned diet tags based on the recipe's nutritional profile.
  • Responses to API calls are returned in JSON format.
  • Monthly limit of 5,000 recipes.

The commercial version includes all the functionality of the free version as well as more detailed nutritional data, higher monthly recipes limit and customer support.

The Edamam Nutrition API is powered and managed by 3scale, a leading API management company and provider of a plug and play SaaS API management platform and infrastructure.

For more information about the Edamam Nutrition API, please visit https://developer.edamam.com/.

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