EdGate Announces New Educational Standards API

EdGate Correlation Services, creator of services and data products for educational publishers, has announced the EdGate Data Service API. The API provides educational content publishers automated access to the an up-to-date body of educational standards. The API enables such users to integrate standards and correlations in real-time, while allowing such users to build their own tools around the standards repository.

"EdGate understands that some publishers prefer to maintain some level of control over the correlation process," EdGate General Manager, Gina Faulk, commented in a press release. "The heavy lifting can now be shared. Publishers can rely on EdGate to keep the standards up to date and provide easy-to-use API functionality and a modern response format so that they are able to focus on creating market-leading education products rather than trying to build infrastructures that are costly to develop and support."

According to EdGate, nearly a third of US educational standards are updated each year. Keeping up with the updates is very difficult to do when trying to update content. Now, content publishers can rely on EdGate for standards updates, and the API allows the publishers to access the updates in the manner that is most digestible to the publisher.

The RESTful API provides access to K through 12 educational standards both within the US and around the world. Through the API, users can browse standards (including metadata), search standards, view relationships between standards, view correlations, view correlated items for a specific standard, search all content metadata within EdGate, upload/edit/delete content individually or in batches, and more. To learn more, check out the API site.

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