Edgybees Announces Augmented Reality API Kit

Edgybees, visual intelligence technology provider, recently announced its Argus platform. Argus, short for Augmented Reality Ground Underlying System, is an API kit for integrating Edgybees' augmented reality technology with GIS, data, video and other sources. Such Integration allows users to overlay live video footage with precise, geospatial data.

"Companies and organizations have access to more data than ever before, but don't know how to maximize its potential to bolster their success," Menashe Haskin, Edgybees CTO, commented. "Using a combination of sensor fusion and advanced computer vision in collaboration with GIS databases, we present not just the data, but also actionable insights that can increase profits, enhance performance and regulation compliance, and even save lives."

Argus includes Geo-registration which allows users to see all points, assets, people, and other information that makes visual collaboration more effective. Additionally, the API is open and flexible allowing it to be integrated with any GIS, data, or video source. The kit is software only; so, it is easy to maintain, port, and integrate cross Platform.

Augmented reality has traditionally been thought of as an entertainment focused technology. Edgybees believes AR can be immensely helpful in any scenario where overhead footage or CCTV is used for security, rescue, or other monitoring services. Check out the Argus site to learn more.

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