Edmunds Retiring Open API Program

Edmunds, publisher of new and used automotive pricing guides, recently announced the end of its open API program. All open API keys will be disabled on February 15, 2018. Moving forward, API access to Edmunds' various data sets will be limited to "select strategic partners, service providers, dealers and automotive advertisers." According to the company, Edmunds began notifying affected API developers that API access will be terminated in February 2018. However, developers have reported email responses from Edmunds as early as September 2017 that rejected API keys because the open API program was retiring.

Through its open API program, Edmunds provided access to various datasets through multiple open APIs. According to Edmunds CTO, Paddy Hannon, the open API program no longer fits the company's business strategy. Instead of the resource intensive, open API model, the company will work with select partners. Partners that fit this description have already been notified by the company.

Edmunds will not offer a paid model for access to its API suite. Edmunds does not anticipate providing access to new applicants, but for dealer partners and developers for dealer partners interested in access, Edmunds suggests reaching out to the applicable Account Executive regarding options.

Edmunds is not providing a transition plan away from their API. The company has hinted that it will provide information for alternative service providers, but those interested need to fill out a form requesting specifics. See Edmunds FAQs for more details.   

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