Supercharges Real Estate Mashups with Schools Data

Our directory lists 216 mashups under the real estate category. While these mashups provide their own take on browsing and evaluating real estate listings, several of them lack critical school data, which is an important part of a family's housing decision. plans to change all of that via its API. has made available valuable schools data via its Web Service API, one of 20 education APIs we list in our directory. They have added value by not just listing down the schools by a particular zip code but much more than that. Some of the methods their API provides are:

  • schoolSearch : Returns an array of school profiles that match the search parameters (zipcode, city, state, distance)
  • getStudentDiversity: Returns Gender and ethnicity statistics for a single school and/or city.
  • getTestScores: Returns test score information for a single school, district, or city.

And other methods like getStudentStats, getTeacherStats, etc.

The API is part of the Tools suite that provides. There are also ready-to-use widgets that you could embed in your site like School Search and Local Schools Widget.

There are a couple of great examples in which the data is being incorporated by websites., a leading online real estate marketplace has incorporated the schools data effectively into its real estate listings. For example you can now not only see which schools are in your area, but if you decide to choose on a particular school, you can even see how the school compares across different grades in the local region and even state. All this data is provided by is equipped with critical data, which it is mining cleverly to provide value added school data that you could use for a particular location. A lot of real estate applications could make good use of this data via the API or even use the set of widgets that they provide. What other class of applications do you think can use this information?

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