EE 4G Hackathon Announces API Partners

EE, the UK's most advanced digital communications company, will host its 4G UK Hackathon June 22-23. EE recently announced its API partners whose APIs will be used at the hackathon. The event will feature cloudbase.ioLinkedIn, Pusher, Peerindex, and Wikitude APIs, and each company will provide representatives for assistance regarding respective APIs. The event will focus on developing apps that take advantage of 4G LTE network speeds.

Mark Mason, Mubaloo CEO, expanded:

“Beyond the increase in speed that LTE brings to apps, the hackathon is about encouraging the developer community to think about what it unleashes for enterprise and public sector...LTE unlocks new forms of apps that don’t have to be as concerned with slow mobile internet speeds. With the ability to have near-immediate delivery of time sensitive data, such as real-time interaction or transaction, a new raft of apps designed for the public sector and enterprise will help internal and mobile workers to achieve more.”

The Hackathon will commence June 22nd at The Hub Westminster. Developers will compete in three categories: real-time collaboration with 4G for the business sector, real-time collaboration with 4G for the public sector, and augmented reality (AR) for business. EE, Google, and Mubaloo have offered judges to determine winners. Prizes include 4G devices, 12 month contracts, and vouchers to various app stores.

Those interested should register at the hackathon's Eventbrite site. Registration will remain open until June 21st. Participation in the event is free and food, drink, and entertainment will be provided. Over 130 developers have already registered to participate. Book your spot today to join the 4G revolution.

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