Effortlessly Adding Communication To Games And Apps: Talkray API

Talkray is a mobile application created by TiKL, a company also known for its TiKL Touch To Talk walkie-talkie application for Android and iPhone. Talkray is the company's broader communications app that allows users to make phone calls as well as send and receive text messages and photos. Talkray's API makes it possible for developers to add things like voice calling and text chats to their applications.


Talkray's features include one-one or group chat and messaging functionalities, voice messaging and real-time calls, file transfers for images, voice recordings and video, push notifications and real-time arbitrary data. These features make it a great tool for apps or games that require group chat and calls, real-time streams, collaboration tools, customer support or location services. The company suggests that it's probably more in the development of games where this app will probably be most relevant, as highlighted in an article on TechCrunch:

"Speaking of games, that’s actually where TiKL says they’ve seen the most demand for an API like this — hence the timing of the launch, which coincides with this week’s Game Developer Conference. They’re keeping the API generic enough to work in any app, but they expect a pretty big chunk of their customers to be game devs."


The Talkray Developer API is currently in beta phase, and completely free. Some example methods include making phone calls, sending texts and managing account information. Interested developers can sign up for the free private beta or send any questions to api@talkray.com.

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