EFI Launches Fiery API for Digital Print Management

EFI, a digital imaging solution provider, has launched the Fiery API to enable print service providers to develop customized solutions that streamline digital print operations. The API allows service providers to integrate digital print operations with existing and third-party IT systems. The Integration allows for smooth data sharing and eliminates multiple manual steps traditionally involved in printing projects.

"Each Fiery DFE user's workflow is unique to his or her own business," John Henze, EFI Fiery's vice president of marketing, said in a press release. "To help those customers get the most out of their digital printing workflows, EFI is making the simple and easy-to-use Fiery API available to customers free of charge. Our customers now have more power than ever before to create their own secure, robust and effective solutions to specific production challenges and opportunities."

The API leverages EFI's Fiery digital Front-end (DFE) Platform. Fiery DFE enables users to create Web and native client applications. The Fiery API provides programmatic access to the DFE alongside session and user management tools. Further, the API provides secure access to both features and data.

The RESTful API allows developers to build unique apps and tools tailored to specific business needs. The platform-agnostic API enables development across operating systems, platforms and devices with a secure bidirectional connection with Fiery servers. Examples of calls include job log data (e.g., number of sheets used, media size, media type), job action control (e.g., process, print, delete), current statuses (e.g., prints, errors), previews of processed jobs and job submission from Fiery servers to user apps. To learn more, visit the API docs.

EFI provides a six-month evaluation license to get developers started with the Fiery API. After the evaluation period, users can upgrade to a production license free of charge. The production license provides connectivity to up to 10 Fiery servers. For needs beyond 10 servers, EFI encourages users to reach out to the EFI team to discuss.

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