Ei3 API: Efficiency is the Name of the Game

The RESTful Ei3 API is aimed at bringing its machine to machine communications to manufacturers looking to remotely control their machines, maximize efficiency, save energy, and cut back on green house gasses.

By gathering data about a clients machine through constant monitoring, uploading it to its cloud, Ei3 then takes that data and puts it up against performance metrics that allows clients to see problems and identify opportunities. Ei3's solutions fall into four categories:

  • Remote service that controls and records connections made by in-house service teams.
  • Remote monitoring based on Six-Sigma and lean manufacturing.
  • Sustainability focus on everything from water usage to greenhouse gas emissions and electricity use.
  • Provided as SaaS, so that its software as a service can save clients time and money.

These metrics are starting to have an important role to play in achieving regulatory targets as well as reducing consumption. The cloud/SaaS provides not just cost savings but additional security with back up and always on applications.

Listed as one of the top 100 M2M companies year after year, Ei3 received the was given the Energy Start Provider of Excellence Award in 2004.

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