Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes Now Generally Available

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) is now generally available. ECK offers a seamless method to deploy, manage, and operate the Elastic Stack on Kubernetes. The goal of ECK, which remains the same now as it was during its alpha and beta releases, is to "orchestrate Elasticsearch on Kubernetes and provide a SaaS-like experience for Elastic products on Kubernetes."

To build a production-ready, general release of ECK, Elastic was especially focused on Day 2 operations. Elastic's Anurag Gupta explained:

"When it comes to deploying software, day 1 is easy; day 2 is more challenging. Built on the Kubernetes Operator pattern, ECK simplifies many day 2 operations--such as Scaling, upgrades, and configuration management--when managing one or more deployments of the Elastic Stack on Kubernetes."

Features to note in the 1.0 release include:

  • the ability to deploy and manage multiple Elasticsearch clusters
  • seamless upgrades to new versions of Elastic Stack
  • simple scaling
  • security by default on every cluster

To help users get ramped up, Elastic has published a quickstart page. Check out ECK 1.0 on Github for information. Participate in developer discussions at the ECK forum.

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