Electionsonline: How to Literally Buy an Election

The ElectionsOnline API gives those running online elections the freedom to make the election pages look exactly how they want them to. The API webpage suggests the process is simple to set up, test, run and send emails to those who haven't voted yet, if that is desired. Election results look straight forward. Below is a sample result, with the tabulation for president shown; below president are results for more offices in the election: While the system is obviously designed to handle elections for big corporations, the testimonials make clear that a lot of smaller groups find it useful:

“Thank you for this affordable and easy-to-use system that permits our small non-profit to streamline the election experience with the same system used by much larger organizations.” —Stan Mocek, Association of Financial Crimes Investigators

Eelctionsonline seems to press every advantage to deliver. For example, the sample ballots are nice and clean, listing simply names and offices that the candidates are running for. But, because it is online, you can click on a candidate to view a popup window with a picture, biography, and statement. It's a simple idea that's just not possible for paper ballots.

So, just what does it cost to buy an election--or at least the services to run one? Prices are for the first election; subsequent elections purchased the same year enjoy a discount: Electionsonline is based in Arlington, Virginia.

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