Electricity Platform Genability Gets $500K For Solar

Genability was founded in 2010 with a simple goal: "to empower consumers and producers to choose cleaner, cheaper power." To reach its goal, Genability created and utilizes tools to gain insight into electricity usage. Genability now looks to focus its tools specifically at solar energy after becoming a SunShot Awardee. The Department of Energy (DOE)'s SunShot Initiative "aims to drive solar to cost-competition with other energy sources by 2020." The $500,000 award allows Genability to develop the Genability API as well as  "Data tools to instantly and accurately calculate and optimize the savings of implementing solar PV."

Currently, conducting a solar PV economic risk/benefit analysis is a highly time-consuming, manual process. Genability's automation, optimization, and collaboration tools eliminate the timely tracking currently used. Jason Riley, CEO of Genability, hopes to get Genability's "tools in the hands of Solar Providers, Developers, Installers and Financiers." Genability shares the DOE's goal of reducing the cost of solar PV systems to $1 per Watt, by 2020.

Genability's current APIs utilize a RESTful interface and can respond in JSON or JSONP formats. The solar focused tools are currently under development and can be followed at Genability's blog. Developers interested in partnering with Genability on the project can contact Genability's SunShot team directly.

Genability is one of 27 green APIs in our directory.

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