ElegantJ Offers Enhanced Version of BI Suite API

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ElegantJ BI recently launched version 4 of its BI suite, with easy-to-use API Integration for 3rd party applications. ElegantJ BI is the flagship business intelligence product of Elegant MicroWeb, a software company, located in Ahmedabad, India and specializing in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, "Our new version 4.0 provides easy-to-use API through web services and Java script, to easily embed ElegantJ BI dashboards, reports, KPI and graphs into other vendor applications or in-house applications. This capability allows other vendors and in-house technical staff to provide embedded BI analytics and dashboards to their application users with fast, affordable implementation and mobile access."

Embedded analytics encourages the adoption of business intelligence tools and enables small, medium and large companies to leverage critical BI tools and provides crucial intelligence to team members in an environment that can be easily personalized, so that every user can contribute to business results and be empowered and accountable for these results.

Patel says, "In order to encourage user adoption across the enterprise, the business must embed business intelligence into familiar processes, applications and solutions, making it readily available, easy to use and mobile. It is no longer efficient or effective to limit access to critical BI tools to a handful of analysts and IT staff. To be effective and competitive, every business must have integrated, embedded BI that is mobile, easy to access, and easy to learn and implement."

The ElegantJ BI software suite supports embedded integration and is 100% browser-based, with a responsive interface that delivers an integrated, seamless User Experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones, and features and functionality that are embedded into the seamless user experience. Application vendors and in-house IT teams can start delivering embedded analytics into applications with little effort, to achieve incredible analytics, dashboards, KPI and ad hoc reporting in minutes. Business and technical benefits for ElegantJ BI integration API include:

  • Easy to integrate - embed analytics within your app in minutes
  • Only basic technical skills required
  • Multiple integration options - JavaScript, Web Services
  • Integrate using most programming languages including Java, PHP, .NET
  • Industry standard Encryption option for security
  • Integration with Authentication directories - LDAP and AD
  • Awesome technical support to help with your integration

CEO, Patel says, "The clear benefit of embedded BI tools for application vendors, in-house IT staff and simple, SWIFT start-up and integration cannot be overstated. We welcome OEM partners and invite application vendors and customers to contact us to explore the opportunities and benefits of embedded business intelligence analytics using ElegantJ BI."

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