Email API Provider Context.IO Acquired by Return Path

Return Path, a leading email intelligence solutions provider, has just announced that the company has acquired Email API provider Context.IO; investing in an email ecosystem that supports development of innovative third-party applications that integrate email data using the Context.IO Email API.


"Streak uses Context.IO to help manage a powerful Gmail layer that helps users manage their workflows directly within their inbox." --- Image Credit: Context.IO

The Context.IO Email API makes it possible for applications to access and retrieve data from mailboxes that allow access via IMAP. The API is RESTful, all calls require Authentication using OAuth, and the data returned is in JSON format. The latest API version 2.0 includes new features such as the ability to set WebHooks, treat mailboxes as address books, filter emails by folder or Gmail labels, move messages between folders and much more.

Return Path has also launched the Context.IO Startup Program, a program designed to encourage the creation of startup companies that create applications that change the way users interact with email. Return Path is investing $1 million dollars in the program, which awards selected startups "$25,000 of credits that can be applied to Context.IO usage." Eligibility requirements and additional information about the Context.IO Startup Program can be viewed on the official site.

"We are serious about encouraging developers to invest their time and energy in email innovation,” said Joshua Baer, CEO of OtherInbox, a wholly owned Return Path subsidiary. “I look forward to seeing the next generation of email applications and integrations made possible with Context.IO and ultimately the impact it has on productivity for email users on the job and in the home and on mobile devices."

The Context.IO Blog post announcing the acquisition, says that for existing developers there will be no significant changes and that "all API endpoints remain the same;" applications will continue to be supported as is.

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