Email Yak Offers Web Based Email API

Despite attempts to reinvent it, email is still one of the most popular ways to communicate across the internet. Developers have long been able to take advantage of Emails popularity using various libraries that support POP, SMTP and IMAP. This is fine when you have access to a publicly available web server, but for small and hobby developers this can be an unacceptable cost.

Email Yak provides a solution to these issues in the form of a web based API that can be used to send, receive and store emails and their attachments. It promises the ability to:

  • Receive emails as JSON or XML
  • Send emails from your app
  • Create addresses and group mailing lists
  • Connect securely over HTTPS

You can sign up to join the private beta on the Email Yak homepage, with invitations to be sent out in September 2010. Specifics are scares at this point, with no documentation or examples, and no information on pricing. However you can find some more details on the features page.

Email Yak isn't completely alone, of course. We list 57 email APIs. And recently services to send email have started to appear: we list four SMTP APIs. But Email Yak doesn't just send email, it also receives it.

You can try to access services like Gmail to send and receive emails via code, but there are a number of restrictions on what Google will let you do. Of course, JavaScript developers have always had to jump through hoops to send out an email.

We're looking forward to the official launch of Email Yak. Because, as long as email is still such an important method of communication, our apps might as well be able to receive as well as send.

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[...] Email Yak API: Send and receive emails from your application via the Email Yak API. Just update your MX record and you can begin creating email accounts for your users to email and receive the messages as JSON or XML. Uses Web Hooks to provide new messages to your application. Find out more in our Email Yak blog post. [...]