Emailbrain:This is Your Brain on Email

The Emailbrain API allows you to manage subscription lists, customer lists and import customer data from sales for use in the API.

From text messaging to blast emails, from customers to B2B clients, Emailbrain can track deliveries, click traffic as well as opt-in/opt-out choices. It also supports the customer relationship management.

A comparison with competitor ConstantContact by shows the two services to be roughly comparable in their offerings, although Emailbrain appears to be cheaper.

In the create phase, Emailbrain features a WYSIWYG HTML editor, a template Library, online image and document hosting, and foreign language capabilities. For sending, Emailbrain has whitelist status features abuse reporting with feedback loops, uses accreditation services, and uses a number of IPs to deliver mail.

In the tracking phase, you can find out who opened and clicked, get a campaign bounce report, tracks how many times your emails are forwarded, and archives reports about these online.

Finally, for management, there is an import/export wizard, subscribe and unsubscribe management, and sn HTML forms wizard to integrate forms on your website. Finally, its bounce system distinguishes between soft and hard bounces and breaks it down further for clarification.

In a case study on the Emailbrain website, Peggy Huff, President of Essence Recovery Center, notes she has to reach customers across a global marketplace. "EmailBrain offers a product that makes my vital email marketing efforts, effortless," she says. According to Emailbrain, "he company experiences an increase in the number of applications for their treatment center with every email campaign they send out, estimating that of the 90 percent business generated via their website, 50 percent comes in directly from their email marketing efforts. Sales have risen, and the company notices that their global presence becomes more recognized."

Emailbrain has  a list of business types it serves with checklists for each type of business.

Founded by Aurelio Rodriguez in 2003, emailbrain is now owned by Dotster, a website hosting and internet services company.

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