Embed Custom Timelines Using Lifestreams Open API Portal

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Today, Lifestreams Technologies announced the availability of their Portal to make it even easier for developers to utilize the company’s API to integrate interactive, cloud-based timelines into their applications. Developers are invited to access the portal and implement the API at lifestreams.com.

“We are excited to make this API now freely available for anyone to try out and immediately start building robust, interactive timelines that are not dependent on any particular social network,” said CEO Brian Duncan. “Developers will find that this API allows them to create, store, retrieve, edit and manage timelines with ease, and embed them into any application or website.”

Most people are familiar with timelines from their widespread use in social network platforms. However, until now there has not been a way for developers to easily integrate custom timelines into their own applications or websites. Using Lifestreams’ API, developers can build their own timelines – collections of time-ordered cards stored in the cloud and available from any device – and then make them available in their websites and apps. This can be a great way to quickly add interactivity and engage users including customers and employees.

Lifestreams’ timeline API lets developers create timelines of cards that can include any type of digital content. All common file types are indexed and searchable and are presented with a thumbnail image for clear communication. Developers can add the timelines into any application or webpage, utilize notifications to monitor and engage users, and manage user access and rights through the API.

The API is now freely available via the developers’ portal at developer.lifestreams.com or the company’s website at http://www.lifestreams.com. Developers are invited to visit the site and start using the API immediately in their applications or services.

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