Embed Flash Games via the HeyZap API

The goal of HeyZap is to be the "YouTube of casual gaming" by giving site publishers a way to embed more than 6000 casual Flash games into their sites with a single embed code. Their business model (more detail from TechCrunch) is to collect revenue from ads within the games using the MochiAds ad Platform and share some of that with developers. The publishers using the code don't get revenue, but get increased traffic to their sites.

Now there's a new API from HeyZap that lets publishers customize the look and selection of the games that are served through their system. It allows customization beyond the options that are available on their standard embed codes. In this sense it is much like the ShareThis API that we profiled earlier, allowing publishers with a little bit of technical savvy to shape embeddable content to fit their sites.

HeyZap offers a simple REST API that returns XML or JSON and allows:

  • Access to all 6000+ games
  • Use your own styling/ interface
  • Pick any game individually or game genres
  • Access to our hi-res game thumbnails
  • Access to ratings and description.

More details at our HeyZap API Profile.

VentureBeat chronicled the rapid acceptance of HeyZap's product, and it will be interesting to note whether programmatic customization can help extend that success.

With the addition of the HeyZap API our there are now 22 game APIs and 10 Flash APIs in our directory.

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