Embed Global Geopolitical Content in Apps with the Stratfor Enterprise API

Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence Platform provider, has announced the launch of the Stratfor Enterprise API which provides access to the company’s complete repository of global geopolitical content. Among the content that can be accessed with the API are statistics and coordinates for global events, country threat indices, and actionable geopolitical forecasts from Stratfor Worldview. The API also allows global security insights from Stratfor Threat Lens to be embedded in security applications and systems.

The Stratfor geopolitical intelligence platform provides global geopolitical analyses and forecasts so that organizations and individuals can effectively navigate a complex international environment. The company’s Worldview product provides global content such as news, trending themes, forecasts, and analyses. The Threat Lens product provides an interactive, personalized threat dashboard. The dashboard allows users to filter content based on topics, countries, and types of content.

The API features a number of endpoints including (but not limited to) country stats, threat score, maps content, country synopsis, related content, and parameterized search. The Stratfor Enterprise API is available to Stratfor Worldview for Enterprise clients and Stratfor Threat Lens clients.

“Today’s modern global enterprise wants the ability to automate the Integration of impactful, third party content into their corporate systems rather than needing to constantly reach outside of their own ecosystem for information, which impacts their response time and is inefficient,” said Stratfor Chief Product Officer Ken Maranian, in a prepared statement. “The Stratfor Enterprise API allows them to meld their own analysis with the depth and forward-looking insight they value from Stratfor’s analyst teams. The result is more informed decision-makers, grounded with context on unfolding trends and their potential impact on an organization’s strategic plans.”

For more information about the Stratfor Enterprise API, visit https://lp.stratfor.com/api/

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