Emergency Rescue For Lost Data: OfficeRecovery API

OfficeRecovery is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of data recovery issues. The website provides software tools that facilitate the restoration of lost emails and mailboxes, repair corrupted databases and damaged documents, and retrieve files from damaged external storage devices. The OfficeRecovery Web API allows developers to embed this service into their own sites and to use the resources for remote recovery of corrupted data.


The OfficeRecovery service covers three main categories:

Corrupted file repair and data recovery -

The service offers emergency file repair for anything from Microsoft Office files to corrupted photos and emails, data recovery from damaged storage devices, a free service to recover deleted files and an online cloud service for repairing files instantly online. For advanced situations, a professional service is available to review issues on an individual basis.

Email and SharePoint management -

The service enables a user to recover mailboxes from email applications and retrieve files from SharePoint databases.

Database management -

The service allows users to recover tables from offline or corrupted databases.

The OfficeRecovery API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML. Developers can download OfficeRecovery Web API documentation on the website.

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