Emergent One Provides The API to Make Your Data Accessible

Two current certainties fight for our attention in technology headlines on a daily basis: data growth and data analysis. Humans, machines, and seemingly every other aspect of this world constantly create data that we can now capture (e.g. Big Data). However, without the ability to combine data sets, analyze its content, and construct meaningful conclusions; our ever-expanding ability to capture data is meaningless (e.g. data analysis). Now that we can collect data and analyze its meaning, an increased need to share data arises. Emergent One is working to provide a solution for companies that have data and no way to share it.

"Emergent One works by connecting directly to a data source, gathering information about your data, and allowing you to easily include that data in your API."

Emergent One handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to API creation. Customers simply grant Emergent One access to a database, answer a few questions regarding what data should be shared, and Emergent One generates an API, a developer portal, and documentation.

Currently, Emergent One supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Emergent One provides an API Editor which allows users to determine which information the API includes without extensive database knowledge.

APIs simplified sharing data. Now, Emergent One simplifies API creation. API use has experience triple digit growth over the past few years, and that trend is expected to continue. Emergent One eliminates the hassle of creating APIs; thus, its success should only promote more APIs and their uses.

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