emfluence launches online marketing API

emfluence, a full-service digital marketing agency, has added an API to its online Marketing Platform which allows customers to create, deploy and track multi-channel online marketing campaigns.

Using the emfluence Marketing Platform API, the company's customers now have the ability to programmatically manage their contacts and groups, set up, schedule and send email campaigns, and retrieve reports detailing a variety of metrics, including email clicks, bounces and shares. In addition, the API can be used to perform bulk exports of data.

emfluence's API, which is currently in beta, is RESTful and returns data in JSON format. The company's Developer Portal offers API Documentation as well as an online console that customers can use to perform API operations from a web browser.

To launch its API, emfluence hosted a hackathon at its annual user conference earlier this month. The winning entry, the Source Code of which has been made available on GitHub, used emfluence's API to retrieve email engagement metrics and determine the quality of leads based on those metrics. Other notable entries included applications for accessing emfluence campaign performance data on mobile devices, visualizing email opens using Google Maps and syncing data from emfluence with Salesforce.com.

Built for external customer demand, creating internal demand

According to David Cacioppo, emfluence's president and CEO, the company's decision to develop an API was an easy one to make. "We're always upgrading and expanding our platform's 'toolbox,' and an API was one of our most frequent requests," he explained. "We want to make it easier than ever for our customers to execute their next big idea using their own customer data.”

Before the company launched its API, emfluence gave customers the ability to export their data using a variety of means but that typically required the assistance of an emfluence engineer. Now, customers will be able to access their data directly and develop their own applications without emfluence's direct involvement.

Interestingly, emfluence's API may also prove to be valuable to more than just customers. Jacob Schwartz, a software engineer at emfluence, develops websites for the company's clients and isn't part of the team that works on the company's Marketing Platform. But in a blog post, he described how the company's new API will be useful to his work. "As a platform "outsider," I can now start spit-balling Integration ideas," he wrote.

This highlights the fact that while some companies, like Netflix, will ultimately discover that a public API can't serve the needs of their developers internally, others, like emfluence, may find that a public API creates a new set of customers within the organization.

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