Emirates Launches IATA NDC Compliant B2B API

Emirates joins others in the airline industry with its launch of its IATA NDC compliant Emirates Online B2B API. The API allows distribution partners to connect to Emirates' host reservation system. Once connected, partners gain access to availability, pricing, shopping, ticketing, and the API facilitates sales of excess baggage, visas, Chauffeur Service and more.

"The new capabilities will allow Emirates to extend the already rich Emirates online brand to travel retailers and ease Integration into their own trading platforms," Emirates SVP of Global Sales, Paul Starrs, commented in a press release. "This is an important step in for us in enhancing our already strong mobile and B2C strategy and will allow us to collaborate more effectively with those in the travel industry to benefit our growing pool of different customer segments worldwide."

As Starrs suggests, the API is aimed at travel agents, online travel portals, and other businesses that play a role in connecting airlines with consumers. The IATA created the New Distribution Capability (NDC) to "transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travelers," and Emirates' API release shows its dedication to participating in the transformation. Emirates has already partnered with industry leaders, including Mondee Travel, to implement the API:

"With the new API, implementing and integrating the Emirates brand into our own trading Platform has become even more convenient" Prasad Gundumogula, Mondee Travel CEO, commented. "The new API is fast and flexible and eliminates costly technology overhead which is then translated to cost-effective solutions for our shared customers."

The API uses XML data formatting. To get started, users must create an Emirates online account, and a team member will reach out to discuss technical, legal, and financial requirements. Once an application is approved, users receive Sandbox access for integration and testing. After sandbox test results pass muster, credentials are granted for a production environment. Visit the API site for more details. 

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