eMoney Advisor Releases API-Centric Solution to Streamline Financial Planning

eMoney Advisor, a financial planning software company that provides technology aimed at empowering financial advisors, has announced the release of a new API-centric solution called eMoney Access. This new service provides APIs that support financial planning, client fact data collection, and document storage.

The solution aims to consolidate functionality that for many financial advisors is currently handled by various services that lack the necessary Integration capability to avoid complications and errors. The product announcement highlights statistics that claim the average financial advisor relies on 7 different services to manage their business. eMoney Advisor hopes that the consolidation and integration of these services will have widespread benefits for financial planning institutions. Jess Liberi, head of product at eMoney Advisor, shared her thoughts on the potential impact of this service:

“No two firms are the same, and we realize they rely on multiple technology systems to operate their businesses and serve their clients. By utilizing eMoney Access, users can create unique internal workflows and differentiated client experiences,”

In addition to the ability to create custom workflows, this service also provides users with data feeds that are automatically synced across systems providing companies with increased reliability and consistency of information. eMoney Access also debuts the release of a new developer storefront, with collections of API broken down into three categories: Core APIs, Primary Planning APIs, and Expanded Planning APIs. The company describes core APIs as being, “Ideal for CRM integrations with the ability to create, read, update and delete advisor information, client information, notes, tasks, alerts, office set-up…” The collection of primary planning APIs seems to be differentiated by the addition of planning data, read-only access to “high-level client facts”, and more. The expanded planning APIs group is still in development with 2020 as the expected release date. Interested developers can check the company’s Integrations page

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