EmoVu Reads Facial Expressions for Better User Experiences

What if you could know exactly what users were feeling when they viewed your content? No pleasantries, just the cold, hard truth: They love it or they hate it. Imagine the possibilities. No more wasted budgets on content that simply isn't working. This is the kind of power that EmoVu has tried to capture with artificially intelligent emotion-recognition technology that actually reads facial expressions. The availability of the EmoVu API means that developers can create emotionally intelligent applications using this functionality.

EmoVu's cloud-based software is able to read users' facial microexpressions via webcams while they are viewing content on their mobile devices or computers. Video content is uploaded to the Platform and shared with a wide range of people for emotional analysis. Viewers are then prompted to grant camera access by clicking a button, and so the process begins. Once the emotional content has been captured, it is aggregated dynamically by gender, age and DMA on the EmoVu dashboard, where it can be further analyzed.

The API makes it possible for developers to intuitively tailor the content of their applications in order to create better user experiences. It supports video formats including MP4, AVI and FLV. It also supports image formats including JPEG, PNG and BMP, as well as image sequences. The API uses GPU capability for faster processing and returns a number of unique metrics, such as face detection coordinates, 3-D head pose values, mood indicators and eye activity.

Developers who are interested in using the API will need to make a request by contacting the company directly.

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