Enable Alexa Skills in 3rd Party Apps with App-to-App Account Linking

Amazon has announced App-to-App account linking and the Alexa Skill Activation API to enable app users to activate a skill from within an app that utilizes an Alexa skill. Prior to these features, to activate an Alexa skill in a third-party app, the user had to leave the app and enable the skill within the Alexa app. This was a cumbersome process and led many users to abandon the skill before even trying it for the first time.

The App-to-App account linking feature allows users to link their app account with Alexa, and then enable the skill with a few button touches. When an app user selects to link the account, the Alexa app simply asks the user to confirm the request. This is major improvement over leaving the app and re-entering credentials at the Alexa app.

With accounts linked, developers can utilize the Alexa Skill Activation API to enable to applicable skill. Utilizing the API starts with authorization through either a GET request to the Alexa App URL or Login with Amazon. Successful authorization exchanges the authorization code for an Amazon access token. The token expires after an hour. With token authorization, the target app must call the API Endpoint and subsequently call any Skill Activation API operations.

Early users of these features include iRobot, Tuya Smart, Smart Life, and Sensi. Pandora, Wyze, IKEA, and others have already announced their intention to utilize the functionality. For more information on either feature, check out the docs.

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