Encoder Farm Announces New Aggressive Pricing Model

Encoder Farm, a video encoder API provider, is looking to disrupt the increasingly crowded video encoder space. However, Encoder Farm's disruption comes not from a slicker API or new video encoder. No, Encoder Farm is going after its competition through a new pricing model. The company claims its new pricing model undercuts competitor pricing by as much as 90%.

Encoder Farm has been providing video encoder APIs since 2012. However, if you take a look at its homesite, you will notice the company's clear strategy is based on cheap, flexible, scalable, and competitive pricing. With comparison charts of Encoder Farm pricing against other industry leaders, Encoder Farm is attacking the video encoder space like Compaq attacked the PC market in the 1990s.

Encoder Farm's new pricing model charges a flat fee, per encoder. Encoder Farm has eliminated separate charges for bandwidth, encoding, and other services. This allows users to easily manage their video queue against their budget. For example, one encoder can process 40,000 minutes per month. Accordingly, if a company falls in this range, or can tolerate some level of backlog, this single encoder will cost $190 per month. However, if a company has the funds, and wants to process their queue instantly, the company simply hires more encoders from Encoder Farm.

Encoder Farm believes that the cost of video encoding has stifled innovation. The company's new pricing model could take pricing out of the innovation equation. With a no credit card required, 6 video encoder, free trial period, video users should give it a shot.

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