Engauge Opens API Access to Analog Gauges

Engauge has introduced an API for their analog gauges. The analog gauges were initially developed as PC performance monitors. However, the gauges can actually monitor any electronic device to which they can connect.

“Whether it be a phone, laptop, PC, or some other electronic device, if it is Windows-compatible and can connect to our interface, they can set it up to track whatever aspect of the device’s performance that they want,” Aaron Westberg, Engauge owner commented in a press release.

Engauge's analog devices track a number of functions (e.g. temperature, fan speed, usage, etc.). Because the devices are standalone and analog, they don't interfere with computer performance and resources. Through the API, developers and administrators can track the target Function from any Windows-compatible device.

The Engauge API Library is exported in C, but is compatible with most programming languages. Through the API developers can discover the devices connected to an Engauge device, open and close a connected Engauge device, output a report, turn LEDs on/off, change the backlight color, set the pointer location, turn pointers on, and more. For more details, check out the API docs.

The API is free to use for Engauge device customers. To see a list of all Engauge gauges and associated hardware components, visit the Engauge website. Developers can learn more at the developer site.

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