Engine Yard Unveils New Public API

Cloud orchestration platform provider Engine Yard has released a new "Core API" that will eventually replace its existing API.

In a blog post, Engine Yard's Eugene Howe explained that the new API has been used internally by the company and reached a level of maturity and stability that made the company comfortable adapting it and making it available to customers.

The API is RESTful, with "consistent parameter passing throughout," and returns data in JSON format by default. Developers can also request XML responses using the HTTP Accept header. Most requests are handled synchronously, but where operations may take a greater amount of time, Engine Yard's API handles them asynchronously and returns an object developers can poll periodically for status updates.

According to Howe, "Security was of the utmost importance during this API redesign." Engine Yard used the Pundit open-source Ruby project to implement authorization and developers can use the same credentials they currently use with the company's existing engineyard Ruby gem.

To help developers get up to speed with its new API, Engine Yard has created a new Ruby gem called ey-core and is soliciting contributions from developers to improve it over time.

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