Enhance Phone Calls in the Thrutu Developer Contest

Thrutu is a company that looks to enrich phone calls by enabling the sharing of information during a phone call between two users. Thrutu lets users access and share real-time features through the use of a "button" while making calls on their Android or iPhone devices. With its first contest the company is reaching out to developers to build something great using its Thrutu API.

The Thrutu contest page provides ideas for buttons as well as judging criteria:

We’re looking for Thrutu buttons that demonstrate imaginative ways of enhancing the phone call, or give people new reasons to call each other. The winning entry could be a game that keeps callers entertained, or a utility that makes life simpler. It could make us laugh or it could impress us with its brilliant design.

When we judge the entries, we’ll be considering the following criteria:

Is it fun or useful?
Is it attractive to use?
Does it work well, as described and without bugs?
Does it make us want to call our friends to use the button with them?

Contestants can also visit Thrutu Central to get an idea of the various ways in which Thrutu buttons can be used. The grand prize is $3,000 and all contestants will receive a Thrutu T-shirt.  The contest submission deadline is September 30. Winners will be announced in October. 

In June we wrote about how Thrutu could make calls more useful. The company's in-house button to connect its platform to the PayPal API won second place in PayPal's Android challenge. Thrutu is using the winnings to fund its developer contest.


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