Enjin Launches Crypto SDK for Godot Game Engine

Godot, a popular open-source game engine, has gained an SDK developed by Enjin that will allow game developers to easily integrate with the company’s Blockchain technology. The SDK was announced last week via Twitter. 

The announcement of the SDK notes that the two companies have been working together on Integration for some time. Enjin chose to work with Godot based on the company’s history of game developer support. Ariel Manzur, Godot Co-founder noted the potential of the partnership:

“The Enjin SDK has transformative potential for the games market. Godot developers are inventive and progressive. I believe they will embrace this technology given the unique opportunities it presents for persistent game design and safe, fair virtual economies.”

Additionally, the Enjin SDK includes a demo game called EnjinRun. More than just a simple game, EnjinRun is meant to highlight the SDKs three core functions:

  • Wallet linking: A secure, private way to connect a user’s blockchain inventory with their game account.
  • Asset distribution: Claiming and receiving in-game items to a user's blockchain wallet in real time.
  • Asset implementation: Using blockchain inventory in-game.

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