Enjin Simplifies Blockchain Integration Via New Java SDK

Last week Enjin, an open-source gaming development Platform, launched an all-new Java SDK. The organization is hoping to make it easier for Java developers to integrate their Blockchain technology into applications.

Enjin views the addition of a Java SDK as significant based on the widespread use of the programming language and notes that it is “considered a stable, reliable way to build large systems.” The announcement of the SDK highlighted implementations that include Twitter, Netflix, and (a little more to the point) Minecraft. 

The new Java SDK provides developers with access to tools for Authentication, user management, wallet linking, and create requests (used to initiate transactions of Enjin Coin). Enjin designed the SDK based on previously released SDKs for Unity and Godot, a fact that may simplify adoption for users that have worked with those tools.

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