Enterprise APIs

One of the things we'll be covering more closely on ProgrammableWeb is open web APIs in the enterprise. There's a huge opportunity for new APIs and mashup techniques to make a impact on how software is developed behind the firewall in corporate IT. This includes APIs from software as service (SaaS) vendors Salesforce.com and Cisco's WebEx as well as any other suitable API from the Basecamp API to FedEx to Google Maps Enterprise. More recently added entries from established players include APIs from on-demand providers NetSuite and Employease.

As of now there are a dozen APIs tagged "enterprise" but this number is sure to grow quickly as this space takes off.

John Musser

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We're certainly looking forward to making details of the external <a href="http://curverider.co.uk/elgg/" rel="nofollow">Elgg Enterprise</a> API soon, as well as hooking into these.

What would make things easier for people looking to deploy enterprise solutions is a generalised API: something that they know will work in a number of applications. We'd be very interested to work with other enterprise applications in establishing this.


The Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network is the newest Cloud Storage solution geared towards enterprises and large corporations. They now offer Open API, FTP proxy and virtual CIFS/NFS drive mounts to make the integration process for online archiving and tertiary data storage quick and easy.