The Enterprise Demands On-Premise API Management Solutions

Another API management provider has stepped up to deliver an on-premise API management solution for the enterprise, this time from Vordel. Other providers like Apigee, Mashery and Layer 7 have stepped up with their own solutions, so Vordel’s move is nothing new, but shows as with other cloud services, that the enterprise demands hybrid solutions of on-premise as well as in the cloud services. We’ve seen the explosion of open APIs here at ProgrammableWeb, but as Adam DuVander noted, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The world’s enterprises are sitting on treasure troves of business resources and many legacy SOAP web services, and the enterprise has definitely seen the value of exposing these resources with RESTful interfaces--but they are proceeding with caution. Vordel’s new API Server is a complete Platform for delivering, managing and securing APIs of all types, provides all the sexy components of the open API movement like REST, JSON and focusing on mobile ,while also delivering the hardened security, monitoring and governance required for the enterprise. While many of the enterprise APIs emerging will live in the cloud, Vordel’s new API server shows that to court the enterprise, you have to deliver an on-premise solution. The enterprise wants the best from the popular API movement but doesn’t want to relinquish control entirely to the clouds.

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