Enterprise Mashups via Google, BEA

According to this recent CNET report, "Google, BEA in enterprise portal mashup talks", the two companies are in partnership talks on a new initiative to deliver tools for enterprise developers. The tools would allow creation of composite, mashup-style applications using BEA's WebLogic Portal along with Google APIs like their popular maps API. The key piece for BEA is their not-yet-released "Adrenaline" technology that integrates sites outside the portal framework but still manages them within the portal context.

Regardless of how this one works-out, these sorts of deals are another step along the enterprise path as open Internet mashup techniques begin making their way behind the firewall. Expect to see a lot more of this from established enterprise tool vendors in the not too distant future.

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Very interesting. I suspect now that SOA and ESB are older news, mashup has much more appeal as the next big thing in integration. And with maps of course...

Tony Stubblebine

At Salesforce.com's Dreamforce conference 6 out of 8 keynoters used the word mashup. It was eyeopening to see how clearly this idea is on the mind of corporate strategists. Naturally, Google Maps was the big winner with several companies plotting sales data or opportunities.

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