The Enterprise Web Conference: Mashups, REST and WOA in NYC and London

Enterprise Web ConferenceOne of the big shifts we see taking place here on ProgrammableWeb is how open APIs and mashups are moving from primarily a consumer Internet phenomenon to becoming a force in the enterprise as well. The whole rise of "enterprise mashups" exists at the confluence of a set of trends including software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing, and the model of web oriented architecture (WOA) in which the RESTful design principles that underly the Web itself are influencing enterprise architecture and design. To help provide a forum for learning about and discussing these topics, ProgrammableWeb and InfoQ have teamed up to offer a one-day event covering these emerging trends and practices: the Enterprise Web Conference. The event will be held in New York on October 28th and London on October 30th.

The Enterprise Web is a full day conference consisting of two tracks: a REST track that dives deep into REST, AtomPub and web oriented architecture from folks working in the trenches, and an Enterprise Mashups track that tackles this rapidly evolving world of open APIs, tools, and techniques for building mashups behind the firewall.

The speakers for this inaugural event include:

I'll be hosting the mashups track and speaking on the state of open APIs as they relate to the enterprise.

The sessions are almost identical across both events, some of which include:

Enterprise Mashups Deep Dive
Get the whole picture on enterprise mashups from high-level architecture to best practices, tools and techniques

Intro to REST via Atom and AtomPub
Covers the basics of REST - the reasoning behind HTTP and it's scalability based on those principles, with examples from RESTful and non-RESTful protocols.

Open APIs
This session looks at the landscape of open APIs, who are the leading providers, what are the technology trends, and how do these fit within an enterprise context.

Explores the fundamental REST concepts and show how they can be used to create robust Integration solutions - with all those - ilities that we love, but without all the complex middleware.

Mashup Patterns
Based on the upcoming book "Mashup Patterns" from Addison Wesley, this session will look at the spectrum of the essential mashup patterns and anti-patterns.

REST and the rest of the internet
Combine REST with other architectural styles, over a combination of transports for improving internet service integration efficiency.

Mashup Security
Key security and governance issues around mashups, best practices and the latest tools and trends.

REST, Erlang and YAWS
This talk covers how to use Erlang to implement reliable, highly- concurrent HTTP-based services using the Yaws web server.

REST Overview
A few basic techniques that work to publish a huge variety of objects to the web.

RESTful Design: Patterns and Anti-Patterns
The most common patterns and anti-patterns of applying REST design principles, covering issues such as the (un)importance of URI design, resources vs. representations, and the role of hypermedia.

Discusses how a large telecommunications company has developed RESTful and Web-friendly services side-by-side with more traditional WS-* services.

Visit the conference site at for more details. We hope to see you there!

Enterprise Web Conference

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