Environmental Activists Discover Mashups

In her recent article "Using Web2.0 tools for Environmental Activism", Global Voices Online writer Juliana Rotich looks at how environmental activists are taking advantage of modern Web tools to share information and raise funds. From blogs to services like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook, the Web is becoming an important channel for spreading news and information about environmental issues. And mashups are no exception.

Environmental Mashups

Climate Change 2030Environment-related mashups cover a broad spectrum of topics, including pollution, hurricanes, climate change, industrial activity, and "green" hotels. There are currently 24 mashups tagged "environment" and 13 mashups tagged "green" on ProgrammableWeb.

The Climate Change 2030 mashup presents data from the Architecture 2030 study of climate-induced rise of sea level for coastal United States cities. You can select a city and view an image of the city today and a corresponding image of the city showing areas that would be flooded after a forecast rise in sea level.

Environmental APIs

As we covered earlier, Green APIs are coming and today we have two environment-related APIs in the directory: the AMEE API, the Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine for CO2 data and calculations, and the CARMA, Carbon Monitoring for Action, is a massive database containing carbon emissions data of over 50,000 power plants and 4,000 power companies worldwide.

Making a difference and going Green

Air Travel Emissions MapThe Greenspace UK Carbon Emissions Map and UK Carbon Footprint Project graphically illustrate UK carbon emissions data and provide ideas for minimizing your own emissions. The Air Travel Emissions Calculator (shown left) and Carbon Emissions Compute mashups enable you to evaluate the impact of your US air and automobile travel. The Green Hotels mashup helps you find hotels that employ environmentally-sensitive policies.

There are many other interesting and informative environment-related mashups, including the LA Times Wildfires Map, the EPA Superfund Site Locator, Planet Hazard, and the Find Pollution Map mashup. To our benefit, more environmental mashups are being created all the time.

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