Ephesoft Announces Web Services API

Ephesoft, mailroom automation solutions provider, has announced a series of Web Service APIs. The new APIs will expand accessibility of the intelligent document capture capability Ephesoft already offers. The API enables users to implement Intelligent Document Recognition or customer Document Classification and Extraction solutions into existing business processes and workflows. Ephesoft founder and CTO, Ike Kavas, commented:

"Ephesoft is the only company that can offer APIs for both small and very large accounts. APIs can scale horizontally, using multiple clustered Ephesoft servers, or vertically, by using hi-performance Engines, that are available out of the box. Ephesoft also offers Web Service APIs on the cloud for those customers who want to start using the APIs from day one with no hardware."

Ephesoft uses open source software and provides straightforward pricing. Such a strategy has led to multiple awards in its industry and helped develop a loyal customer base. The Web Service APIs will only attract more attention and lead to more robust partnerships and a deeper user base.

Ephesoft Web Service APIs use REST protocol. Most of Ephesoft's IDR functions remain available through the APIs. The API offers basic recognition services, but can run batch processing methods to extract, classify, and match data as well. To learn more or gain access, visit the developer site.

For quite a while, individuals and companies alike have begun their divorce with paper Documentation. The value that companies like Ephesoft add to a paperless world only accelerate this transition. Now that Ephesoft features are accessible in existing platforms, expect more and more traditionally paper transactions to move digital.

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