Ephesoft Releases New Version of Smart Document Capture Solution with APIs

Ephesoft, a provider of enterprise document capture solutions, has unveiled the newest version of its Transact Platform, a cloud-based advanced document capture and data extraction solution that targets a number of industries, including finance, government, education and healthcare.

The Transact 4.5 platform includes new Web Service APIs that allow Ephesoft customers to integrate the company's supervised Machine Learning technology into existing document capture solutions. That technology is capable of auto-extracting content and metadata from complex documents, and can be configured and trained to identify and process data from tables and line items. This includes tables and line items that are common in accounting documents.

In addition to its machine learning APIs, Transact 4.5 adds the ability to perform RESTful API lookups into other systems and contains export plugins for Box, Microsoft SharePoint and SAP so that customers can export data into these solutions without developing custom code. There is also a new web services export feature that allows customers to move data directly from Transact to custom external API endpoints.

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