Episerver Announced the Launch of Episerver Insight

Episerver recently announced the launch of Episerver Insight and a new Headless API to help organizations gain visitor intelligence and deliver better experiences for their customers everywhere they engage.

Visitor Intelligence for Personalized Journeys

Episerver Insight allows marketers and merchandisers to track and visualize the digital behavior of both authenticated customers and anonymous visitors. By mining Episerver’s data management Platform (DMP), Episerver Insight helps users act on behavioral data and create more effective segmentation and targeting. It visualizes customer paths and actions at the cohort or individual level, providing insights on every visit, click, email and purchase.

Decoupled Architecture for Extensible Delivery 

The new Headless API further extends Episerver’s platform to deliver content and digital experiences everywhere. It offers a hybrid architecture that supports coupled, decoupled and purely headless scenarios that transcend channels. Focused on speed, performance, search and flexibility, the API enables users to pull content directly from the platform and project it into any number of applications.

The new API empowers digital teams to deliver content to the IoT, native mobile apps, digital in-store screens, legacy platforms, and conversational devices, while still leveraging the content management tools native to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

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