Episerver Launches Headless API for Content as a Service

Episerver, a software company that offers a commerce and content Platform, yesterday announced the launch of a new Headless API.

Episerver says the Headless API enables "content as a service." It is designed to allow users of the company's platform to bypass the presentation layer and "easily deliver content and digital experiences everywhere" using any technologies and without the need for costly, time-consuming development.

Capable of working in coupled, decoupled and completely headless configurations, the new API gives users the ability to retrieve content from Episerver's platform and deliver it to external applications, including native mobile apps, legacy platforms and connected devices such as voice-activated digital assistants that use platforms such as Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri.

According to James Norwood, Episerver's chief marketing officer, "Our approach to headless is all about simplifying the extension of digital experiences to every channel and device.” He added, "Rather than create an entirely new product, Episerver has made use of existing stateless REST endpoints and our enterprise search foundation...to optimize queries and deliver JSON payloads in an environment that Episerver developers are used to."

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